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Death Force

Death Force by Matt LynnTake ten desperate and dangerous
  men, tempted by the promise of more
  than enough cash to fulfil their dreams
  and send them on a suicide mission
  to war-torn Afghanistan where the odds
  are stacked heavily against them —
  and you have Death Force, the exciting
  new novel by Matt Lynn...

WITH THE PACE FAST ENOUGH TO keep the pages turning, Matt Lynn writes a magnificent, visually-descriptive thriller featuring ten desperate and dangerous men plunged into a world of torture and treachery — well-defined characters with whom the reader can identify. Death Force is a highly-visual, rip-roaring adventure story about a 'black op' by a team of mercenaries in war-torn Afghanistan who might never return to each claim their promised $3million.

Former SAS Sergeant Bruce Dudley runs private military corporation Dudley Emergency Forces. Bruce is looking for ten good men to carry out what could prove to be a suicide mission in Afghanistan to relieve brutal drugs baron Zabit Salangi of a large cache of gold and diamonds.

Steve West, who is also former SAS, has a knack of putting teams together and he wants to make enough money to buy his uncle's classic and vintage car business before he settles down — possibly with the beautiful Orlena, a Byelorussian he meets in Dubai.

Steve has been charged with finding a band of hungry, ruthlessly-efficient mercenaries who can trust each other, work together, fight hard and dig their way out of any hole they may find themselves in. First recruit is Ollie Hall, who has experience fighting in Afghanistan but wrecked a promising army career with his drinking and gambling and who now needs money to please his fiancée.

Then there is Gurkha Ganju Rai, who is caring for his dead brother's widow and children; David Mallet, a former Irish Guardsman supporting an ex-wife with two children and a new wife expecting twins; and Dan Coleman, a former Australian SASR operative who was court-martialled while serving in Afghanistan and who wants to clear himself.

The team also includes Welshman Nick Thomas, who spent a couple of years in the Territorials; former IRA terrorist and expert bomb-maker Ian Murphy; Chris Reynolds, formerly with the South African Special Forces Brigade; Jeff, keen to buy an apartment for his mother Estelle, who brought him up on her own following a teenage pregnancy; and Orlena's brother Maksim Prerova, who spent five years in the regular army, three years in the Russian Spetsnaz and fought in Chechnya.

In Kabul, Bruce introduces the team to Colonel Simon Lockhart, who briefs the men and tells them that the operation is completely off the record. They are on their own. As far as he and the army are concerned, they do not exist — and even Major Angus Muirhead at the British base in Helmand has his hands tied.

Out on a limb in the heart of Helmand Province, the team has to negotiate a large stretch of the dangerous Kabul-Kandahar Highway, through al-Queda territory, to make contact with Afghan scouts Haji and Abdul and to take on local drivers. But just how trustworthy are these men and will Farooq — who provides a safe house — or weapons merchant Amazai betray them?

They will also have to contend with Salangi's impregnable fort in Kajaki, his personal army of around three thousand men and the might of the Taliban, with whom Salangi has formed an alliance.

Will Steve and his men make it safely across the Pakistan border and outwit both the Taliban and the British Forces? Are they prepared to shoot one another rather than be taken by the Taliban and how will they deal with local warlord Karmal Masood?

With suspicion at every turn, betrayal comes from an unexpected source and they will resort to any measure necessary to get out of Afghanistan with the treasure — alive and in one piece.

Like them or loathe them, each of the characters has his own redeeming qualities along with his flaws and you will find yourself being sucked into their lives and rooting for them to return unscathed. These men have got grit in their craw — and they're going to need every ounce of it.

Death Force by Matt Lynn is published by Hodder Headline and is available now from all good book shops at an RRP of £12.99.

"…a Boy's Own adventure guaranteed to get the pulse racing. It is up there with the finest that Andy McNab or Chris Ryan have ever penned" — The News Of The World

"A cracking action thriller. Lynn plans Death Force to be the first in a series. I can't wait to read the rest" — The Daily Express

"A well told, cracking tale of manly doings in a shadowy environment" — City AM

"Death Force… with the pace fast enough to keep the pages turning, Matt Lynn writes a magnificent, visually-descriptive thriller featuring ten desperate and dangerous men plunged into a terrifying world of torture and treachery" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

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