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Lamborghini Today (A Tempo Furioso)

Lamborghini Today (A Tempo Furioso)“We’re ready for take-off, so please
  fasten your seat belts and put your
  thoughts in an upright position. We
  shall be flying at ground level...”

THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK CAME ABOUT BECAUSE OF A CHANCE MEETING between Stephan Grühsem and photographer Peter Vann, who lunched together at the Geneva Motor Show in sight of a Lamborghini Murciélago. They discussed cars, photography and marques and their future and thus the seeds were sown for Lamborghini Today.

The wheel, Grühsem claims, was invented for the Lamborghini. You could almost believe him as you admire the delectable lines of the sunshine yellow Gallardo or the pretty Murciélago Roadster as he and Vann breeze through France, Spain and Italy.

Using appropriate pitch black or bright yellow pages, Lamborghini Today takes us on a voyage of discovery. To the French town of Rheims, where the long-abandoned historic racing circuit echoes with the ghosts of motorsport. On to Bologna and its pedestrianised centre that is only opened for the Mille Miglia; and to the Lamborghini factory in St Agata Bolognese where Grühsem says: "the enthusiast feels rather like a gourmet accidentally locked in a high-class delicatessen overnight."

Illustrated with stunning photography and witty dialogue, you are treated to every aspect of the Lamborghini — from the finest points of the engine to the tiniest tuck of the fantastic body. Not a Lamborghini fan? Never mind, don't mention the 'F' word because this book just might make you change your mind.

Why do you suppose that Emilia Romagna is the birthplace of not only Ferrucio Lamborghini, but also Enzo Ferrari, Ettore Bugatti, Alfieri Maserati and Alejandro De Tomaso? The author offers a possible solution to that question.

We meet Ferruccio Lamborghini, who was already a successful manufacturer of agricultural tractors when he conceived the idea of building the ultimate sports car. His search for the finest 12-cylinder engine he could find led him to Giotto Bizzarrini, then the manager of Ferrari's Test Department. In 1962 they signed a working agreement, but they soon parted company. Now aged 80, Bizzarrini is still a designer but was replaced at Lamborghini by another gifted engineer, Gianpaolo Dallara.

Gruhsem takes us on a trip that almost makes you feel as if you are in the passenger seat. He introduces us to Bizzarrini and to the Miura brothers — the aristocrats of Spanish bull breeding who gave their name to a legendary Lamborghini model. We also get to know members of the workforce and Dr Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Audi Board of Management and Chief Executive of the Audi Brand Group to which Lamborghini belongs.

There are sections on Marketing Lamborghinis, Motor Racers, Concept Cars, Variations and Small Cars — Egidio Reali from the little Italian town of Gerenzo, apparently makes the most splendid Lamborghini models in the world.

The Lamborghini Espada and the Countach also feature and there are details about the trials and tribulations of Lamborghini before it came under the Audi umbrella. We also learn that Prince Ranier and Princess Grace drove an inaugural lap at the Monaco Grand Prix in a Marzal and that, in 1964, Dean Martin treated himself to a Lamborghini 350GT.

Power Boat Racing is also covered — the American actor Don Johnson won the notorious 1,000km race from New Orleans to St Louis in world record time using a Lamborghini engine.

And there is also a section entitled 'Terms That Help You To Understand Lamborghini'. You won't be surprised to find the word 'EUPHORIA'.

Do you know how to attune yourself to the rhythm of the Lamborghini? Has a Miura ever flirted with you? Can you tame a sabre-toothed tiger? Visual fantasies abound as you imagine the hot air shimmering above the engine and the countryside blurring. Now stop drooling over the cover and get yourself inside…

Lamborghini Today (A Tempo Furioso) would really make somebody's year. This fantastic book is written by Stephan Grühsem, the director of Audi's press department and a former motor journalist in Germany, and is photographed by Peter Vann. And it's available now from all good bookshops, priced at £35 — a massive £217,340 saving on a new Murciélago!