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Dracula The Dark Prince
Dracula The Dark Prince“Betrayed by those he trusted most,
  a Transylvanian Prince is devastated to
  discover his beautiful and beloved wife
  has been murdered, driving him so mad
  with grief that he embraces the dark
  world of the undead and attracts the
  attentions of the Slayers in the fantasy
  thriller Dracula The Dark Prince..

LIVING IN THE HALF-LIGHT as one of the undead, Prince Dracula (Luke Roberts) has a lifetime of grief, parted by death from the wife he loved more than anything in the world in a new take on the Dracula story, Dracula The Dark Prince.

In a mysterious castle of vampires, Dracula rules his kingdom, little realising that a party of Slayers is on its way to seek him out to end his life forever.

Dracula The Dark Prince
is an intriguing fantasy
that is a little lightweight
but has a tragic
and clever storyline...”
Among them is the enigmatic Alina (Kelly Wenham), who holds the fabled Lightbringer and travels with her sister Esme (Holly Earl) to meet the most feared vampire hunter Leonard Van Helsing (Jon Voight: Mission Impossible; Transformers) through a dark and dangerous forest crawling with the undead, the creatures of the night.

A mystical weapon said to have been used by Cain to kill Abel and to be able to give eternal life, the Lightbringer can only be used by the direct descendants of Cain and Abel. In the wrong hands it can only bring death and Dracula seeks to use the weapon for his own ends.

Alina and Esme are set upon by thieves, who steal the Lightbringer and, in order to get it back, Alina throws their lot in with the brigands. The leader is Lucien (Ben Robson), who is to discover his destiny and who is attracted to Alina.

Alina still has to find Leonard Van Helsing in order to defeat Prince Dracula and his army of undead, which attacks them in the forest. But when she falls into Dracula's hands and he becomes obsessed with her, will Van Helsing find the hidden castle and be in time to save her before she can resist the power of the vampires?

Dracula The Dark Prince is an intriguing fantasy that is a little lightweight but has a tragic and clever storyline. Misunderstood, Prince Dracula is hated, feared and hunted. His ill-fated quest to find the Lightbringer will bring him short-lived happiness.

Dracula The Dark Prince also features: Stephen Hogan as Renfield; Richard Ashton as Adros. Music is by Mario Grigorov; Director of Photography is Viorel Sergovici; visual Effects Supervisor is Jacques St Roweis; Written by Nicole Jones, Pearry Reginald Teo and Steven Paul; Produced by Steven Paul and Directed by Pearry Reginald Teo.

* Dracula The Dark Prince will be released in the UK on DVD by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment on 3 February 2014. Catalogue Number: KAL8302 | RRP: 12.99.

Extras Cast Interview | Building The Castle | Trailer.

"Dracula The Dark Prince is an intriguing fantasy that is a little lightweight but has a tragic and clever storyline"
Maggie Woods